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SmartDrive is a revolutionary new power assist device that gives greater freedom and power to wheelchair users.

To go - just push as per normal, the unit remembers your speed and maintains it until you brake as per normal to stop. A simple wrist controller senses your movements and allows you to get the best out of the SmartDrive while indoors or negotiating tricky outdoor conditions. It rotates freely on the camber bar so can accommodate wheelies and curbs with ease.

Its range is 19 km and although it can whisk you along at up to 8.9 kph, its greatest trick is its portability. The SmartDrive unit hooks onto a pin attachment that is fixed to your camber bar - a wrist controller / sensor is slipped onto your wrist. Its that simple and you are ready to go.

The unit rotates freely on its Camber Bar attachment so can accommodate wheelies and curbs with ease. Because the SmartDrive is fixed to the Camber Bar a special Camber Bar accessory can be added to allow folding wheelchairs to use the SmartDrive.

We have trialed this and people love it, quads and paras alike are amazed by its simplicity and light weight, only 6.1 kg! and thats including the batteries.

  • Powerful enough to cruise up hills, over thick carpet and through grass
  • Compatible with folding chairs - The optional quick-release mounting bar is a dream come true. Just pull back on the spring loaded flanges to quickly attach or remove your SmartDrive MX2
  • Intuitive to use, push to go, brake to stop, it couldn't be eaiser
  • Flexible attachment pivot allows you to power along during wheelies and over curbs
  • Lightweight and easy rolling, you don't even notice its attached

  • Range - 19 km
  • Max Speed (level surface) - 8.9 kph
  • Max Speed (6º incline) - 8.5 kph
  • Power - 250 W
  • Voltage - 36 V
  • Operating temperature - -25º C to 50º C
  • Total Weight - 6.1 kg

  • Rear wheel diameter - 22", 24", 25" or 26"
  • Minimum seat width - 10"
  • Minimum seat depth - 12"
  • Maximum seat depth - 20"
  • Axle receiving tube diameter - 1-1/4", 1-3/8", 1-1/2" and 2"
  • User Weight - 14 kgs - 150 kgs

  • An EasyFit camber bar attaches in seconds for folding wheelchairs

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